Construction junk removal is one of the less talked about aspects of home remodeling and renovation. Homeowners typically consider the costs, the right contractors, design elements, construction materials, and final looks but only think about the construction junk at the end. 

A lot of our customers reach out to us when they have finished the projects and don’t know what to do with the trash. Being an experienced junk removal company in Newtown PA, we have seen it all. 

If you are planning to demolish or build a new part of your house, you need to know what is construction junk and how to deal with it. Although you can haul it away in a dumpster rental, the best approach is to give us a call so we can handle it from the scratch. 

Here is a complete guide to residential construction junk removal service in Newtown PA.

What Is Construction Junk?

With some exceptions, all of the waste materials left after a construction or remodeling project is called construction junk. It typically includes the following

  • Shingles
  • Flooring boards
  • Drywall
  • Corrugated iron
  • Stone and concrete
  • Plasterboards
  • Tiles and bricks
  • Doors
  • Window panels and frames
  • Pipes  
  • Dirt and gravel

Following is a list of items our company will not haul away because of the legal bindings.

  • Gasoline /Petrol
  • Opened paint cans
  • Asbestos
  • Chemical solvents and hazardous chemicals

If you need any of these items hauled away, you need to discuss it with the company representative and we will let you know about the possibilities. 

What Is Construction Junk

What Does The Construction Junk Removal Company Do?

A construction junk removal company is equipped to carry every bit of your construction waste and dump it. The services are available on-demand so all you need to do is to call and book an appointment. You can choose between the following two options for construction trash removal in Newtown PA.

A Complete Guide To Construction Junk Removal Services

Hire A Dumpster Rental

The company will drop off a dumpster near your house at a location you have agreed upon for a certain period. You will have to fill it up with the construction waste during the rented time and then the company will drive the dumpster away. You can pick dumpsters of different sizes depending on your needs.

Complete Truck Hauling

The company will reach your house with a truck. The workers will fill up the construction waste in the truck and the driver will haul it away. They may make several trips to complete the job. It’s the best option for you if you have already finished the construction project.

What Do They Do With The Junk They Take Away?

As you hire a company for building waste removal in Newtown PA, don’t forget to ask this question. Our company ensures that most of the salvageable items should be sent to recycling plants instead of landfills. The junk is sorted out before the useless items are dumped into local landfills. We comply with industry standards to keep our environment safe and healthy. 

What Is The Cost Of Construction Junk Removal?

Although the costs greatly depend on the nature of junk and the size of it, a dumpster rental costs anywhere between $300-$600. Expect to pay $100-$600 per truckload of construction junk.

We are ready to haul away the construction junk that is taking up space in your home. Reclaim your space today!