Do you really want to clean up your own junk in Yardley? Hardly! Let’s make a deal—you contact us and schedule our junk removal services in Yardley, PA, and we’ll be over there soon to clean up your clutter. We’ll be done as fast as a whip. That way, you still have time to spare after your appointment!

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Not many people can say that they’re junk removal experts. Chances are, you dedicated your life to something other than hauling around junk, too. Maybe you’re a banker, a lawyer, a manager, or a real estate agent. Whatever you are, you probably don’t want to start earning junk removal experience now. Not when there are so many other things to do in Yardley, PA. Would you rather explore Main Street or dine at the Continental Tavern than pick up even a single piece of clutter? Then it’s likely time for you to reach out to All Around Removal Services. You see, those of us that actually did become junk removal experts work here. And it’s because of this that we don’t mind giving you the junk removal services in Yardley, PA that you’ve been looking for. Contact us today, and you might even be able to get a same-day junk removal appointment!


With a population of around 2,500 people, Yardley isn’t exactly what you might consider “big”. However, that doesn’t mean you’re ineligible for professional junk removal services. At All Around Removal Services, we believe all our nearby communities deserve what we have to offer. And what we have to offer is sure to delight you! Our team works faster than our competition does, so if you are looking to get rid of clutter in a flash, then we’ll be zooming over to help you out.

Furniture, construction waste, clothes, toys, and garbage… we can haul it all so you don’t have to. On top of this, we’ll also do it with glee. Our employees are friendlier than the “other guys”, too, and that’s because we genuinely care about our neighbors and their customer experience. Expect us to treat you with kindness from the start of your appointment to the finish. It’s our pleasure to be at your service.

Did you know a junk pick up from us is actually quite affordable? No need to worry about an expensive junk removal cost with us! When we first arrive, we’ll examine everything you want us to remove. We’ll visualize how much of our truck space it will use up, then determine a volume-based quote accordingly. Then, we’ll let you know the final price of our junk removal services in Yardley, PA so you can agree to it before we get started. This means there are never any pricing surprises. Of course, there are never any hidden fees, either. That’s because, if we had to guess, you’d rather not deal with any of those!

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  1. Call us to set up your appointment, or contact us online to request service here on our website. Either way, we’ll provide you with a 2-hour arrival window. We’ll always be there within that timeframe.
  2. We’ll kick things off by providing you with an upfront quote. You’ll always know what you’re paying before we’ve even begun working this way. We won’t start hauling until you approve our price.
  3. Next, we’ll begin lugging your junk to our truck. Watch in amazement as your Yardley home, business, or rental property quickly becomes clutter-free. It’s astounding how fast we can clear your space!
  4. After your appointment, we will dispose of your junk and head off to the next appointment. If you enjoyed your experience with us, be sure to leave us a five-star review! We would greatly appreciate it.

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Junk removal services in Yardley, PA are no problem for us, but did you know we serve many other locations as well? It’s true. Our neighbors in Philadelphia, Bristol, Langhorne, Warminster, and other cities are all invited to contact us when they’ve got junk they’d rather not keep around!

Keeping our community clean is one of our biggest priorities as a local junk removal business. Remember, this area is our home, too. That’s why you can trust us to serve you right—because we genuinely care about the well-being of our neighbors and their properties.

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Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!



Life is like a whirlwind, constantly tossing you from one place to another. When you’re busy dropping kids off at school, keeping up with work and errands, and trying to make time for your friends and family, it can be difficult to find time in your schedule. That’s why it’s so frustrating when a junk removal company is closed half the week.

It’s a different story at All Around Removal Services, though. We’re open seven days a week, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. It’s almost certain we can find a timeframe when we’re both available. Click one of the two buttons below to get started!

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