When it comes to refrigerators, freezers, and other bulky appliances, All Around Removal isn’t afraid! Let us haul them away and scratch another item off your to-do list.

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There are a lot of ways people spend their relaxation time here in the Philadelphia Area, but hauling around heavy appliances isn’t one of them. Is an old fridge or a busted washing machine the last thing holding you back from enjoying your free time? If so, it’s time to call All Around Removal. Our junk removal squad will swiftly lug away your appliances, and we’ll dispose of them, too, meaning you’ll get to move along to something fun sooner rather than later. Ready to get started? Then book our appliance removal services today!


Refrigerator removal, washer and dryer removal, and other similar projects are all difficult to complete on your own. Fortunately, you won’t be on your own when you reach out to All Around Removal! Instead, you’ll get to enjoy the help of our full-service team. They’re strong enough to lift appliances, and they’re cautious enough to avoid all damages to your property. Combine that with our quick pace, and you’ll love what we can do for you!

As if that wasn’t good enough, we do it all for a fair appliance removal cost, too. What can you expect to pay? That depends on the amount of truck space your appliance(s) will use up. On your appointment day, we’ll be able to estimate this volume at a glance, then provide you with an upfront quote.


  1. First and foremost, we’ll make sure we arrive at your location with truck space, a team that’s ready to work, and big smiles.
  2. Show us your unwanted appliance(s), and we’ll carefully begin the heavy lifting. We have multiple crew members to ensure nothing gets dropped.
  3. We’ll move the unwanted appliance(s) to our truck, then sweep up the floor behind us. That way, there’s not even a crumb left behind.
  4. With our work concluded, we’ll accept your final payment. All Around Removal will never add hidden fees to your bill!


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!


Commercial Appliance Removal

Sometimes, you have an appliance that needs to be removed, but it’s not at your home. Instead, it might be at your restaurant, office break room, or workshop. You may even be a landlord that just evicted a tenant, only to discover that there are ancient appliances that need to be removed from the apartment. In all of these cases, All Around Removal is committed to helping. We are a local business that strives to make life easier for our neighbor’s other businesspeople. Just give us a call! We’ll schedule an appointment that best suits your hours, then work as non-obtrusively as possible to ensure your employees or tenants aren’t bothered by our presence.





About Us

Lots of people around Bucks County know All Around Removal, but they don’t all know our story. We started as a small operation with a simple goal: keeping our neighbor’s properties clean and clutter-free. We believe cutting down on junk helps make everyone happy, and this leads to a more pleasant community. This once-small mission has escalated into a larger operation, and we want to make you a part of it, so if you need appliance removal services or any other kind of service, don’t wait to let us know!